Effects of godet wheel position on compact siro-spun core yarn characteristics

Zhang, Xiaojuan ; Xu, Bojun ; Xie, Chunping ; Liu, Xinjin ; Su, Xuzhong ; Zhu, Yukun


Cotton-spandex compact siro-spun core yarns (29.2tex/44.4dtex and 14.6tex/44.4dtex) have been prepared on two kinds of compact spinning, viz complete condensing spinning system (CCSS) and lattice apron compact spinning system (LACSS) respectively. Three godet wheel positions on two kinds of compact system have been selected and corresponding yarn covering effect is studied respectively. Especially, the surface morphology and cross-sections of the core yarns are observed. Then, the covering effects are compared and affecting factors are analyzed. Moreover, other yarn properties including yarn hairiness, strength and evenness are also tested and compared. The results indicate that the covering effect of staple fibres is the most even when the godet wheel position is set on left side for both CCSS and LACSS.


Complete condensing spinning systems; Core-spun yarns; Cotton yarns; Godet wheel positions; Lattice apron compact spinning systems

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