High active sportswear – A critical review

Manshahia, M ; Das, A


The fabrics used for active sportswear are specially constructed in terms of the geometry, packing density and structure of the constituent fibres in yarn as well as their construction in order to achieve the necessary dissipation of heat and moisture. Performance of player can be enhanced by specialised sportswear like compression athletic wear and other innovative products like biomimetic swimwear. Specialised products are continuously being innovated where usually performance, quality, design and not the price seem to be determining factor. This paper reports the functional requirement of high active sportswear, various aspects of sportswear comfort, their evaluation methods, effects of fibre parameters like shape and geometry, yarn constructional parameters, fabric structural parameters, finishes, performance enhancement and innovative material for sportswear.


Evaluation methods; High active sportswear; Innovative products; Wear comfort

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