Optimization of extraction process of Typha leaf fibres

Rezig, Sana ; Jaouadi, Mounir ; Khoffi, Foued ; Msahli, Slah ; Durand, Bernard


The influence of temperature, duration and soda (NaOH) concentration on the extraction yield, linear density, diameter, tenacity and lignin ratio of Typha leaf fibres has been studied. A factorial design of experience has been used to identify the optimum operating conditions, and equations relating to the dependent variables to the operational variables of the extraction process are established. The optimum extraction condition has been determined by the statistical study using response surface and desirability function. The morphology of the obtained fibres and chemical constituents are determined. Fibres, extracted from leaves of Typha with the optimum process, have a lignin content value of about 14% like jute, alpha-cellulose value of about 67% similar to pineapple and jute fibres, extractives content value of about 1%, starches content value of about 2% and ash content value of about 1%. Finally, the characteristics of the optimum Typha fibre are compared with those of other vegetable fibres, showing large diameter and low mechanical properties as compared to other vegetable fibres.


Chemical properties;Factorial design;Fibre extraction;Physical properties;Typha fibres

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