Bio mimetic coloration of wool using plant juice

Natarajan, SriKrishna ; Gupta, Deepti


The paper reports study on the optimisation of coloration of wool, through in situ reaction of diphenolic catechol with enzymes present in potato juice. Color formation takes place at low temperature and without any use of auxiliary chemicals. Response surface methodology has been used to study the effect of process variables, such as temperature and respective concentrations of catechol and plant juice, on the intensity of color obtained on fabric. A range of shades varying K/S from 2 to 10 is produced. Temperature is found to be the most significant factor affecting the color strength. Colour continues to become deeper with the increase in temperature of treatment. Optimised recipes have been proposed for producing a particular shade on wool. Spectroscopic analysis of coloured wool shows no specific peaks, pointing towards formation of colorants having a non specific molecular structure. Colours obtained on wool are found to be fast to light and washing.


Bio mimetic coloration; Polyphenol oxidases; Potato juice; Wool

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