Effect of nanoclay loading on zeta potential of polyester nanocomposite fibre

Teli, M D; Kale, Ravindra D; Bhatt, L


Polyester (PET) nanocomposite fibres have been melt spun by adding master batches of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) loaded with organophilic nanoclay after compatibilizing the PET and LLDPE. The spun fibres show increased hydrophobicity which further increases progressively with the amount of nanoclay loaded into the fibre. The addition of this nanoclay also results in improved dyeability of the nanocomposite fibres with acid dyes due to the presence of quaternary ammonium organic substituent that is present in the nanoclay. There is slight decrease in tensile strength of the fibre accompanied by the decrease in elongation %, indicating that the addition of nanoclay makes the filaments stiffer. The onset of crystallization temperature occurs at higher temperature in case of composite fibres than in case of neat PET fibre because of nucleating effect of nanoclay.


Nanoclay; Nanocomposite; Polyester; Polyethylene; Zeta potential

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