Moisture management and wicking properties of polyester- cotton plated knits

Jhanji, Yamini ; Gupta, Deepti ; Kothari, V K


Effect of yarn linear density on moisture management and wicking properties of polyester-cotton plated knit structures has been studied. Linear density of yarns used in inner and outer layer as well as the difference in the yarn linear density for the two layers have been found to affect the liquid transfer from inner to outer layer, liquid spreading in the outer layer and hence the drying ability of the designed fabrics. Wetting time increases, while decrease in absorption rate and spreading speed is observed with the increase in inner and outer layer yarn linear density. The fabrics are graded and classified based on the obtained moisture management indices. Trans planar wicking is found higher for fabrics with greater difference in linear density between inner and outer layers as a result of selection of finer yarns in inner layer.


Knitting; Linear density; Moisture management; Plated knits; Wicking property; Polyester-cotton fabric

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