Determination of antioxidant capacity of capsule loaded textiles

Turkoğlu, Gizem Ceylan; Sarıışık, Ayşe Merih; Erkan, Gökhan ; Kayalar, Hüsniye ; Kontart, Oya ; Öztuna, Selda


In this study, microcapsules containing α-Tocopherol (α-TP) have been prepared by complex coacervation technique and applied to cotton fabric by padding method. Characterization of the capsules is determined by scanning electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and particle size measurement. Yield of microencapsulation process is found in the range of 41.63 - 62.20%. Antioxidant capacity of capsule loaded textiles has been examined according to DPPH free radical scavenging method, and α-TP existence in ethyl cellulose capsules is found as 65.218 - 330.722 µM. α-TP activity in capsule treated fabric is determined as 61.73 µg. Presence of the capsules on fabric and also α-TP activity has been found to remain effective even after twenty washes at 40°C.


α-Tocopherol; Antioxidant; Complex coacervation; Cotton; Microencapsulation

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