Activated bleaching with sodium perborate and potassium persulphate

Indi, Yashovardhan Millikarjun; Wasif, Akhilahmad ; Patel, Aftab Abdulajij


Attempts have been made to use sodium perborate as a bleaching agent with potassium per sulphate as an activator at lower temperature in combined pre-treatment of cotton fabric. Experimental trials have been designed by using taguchi technique. The results obtained by using this modified bleaching process are compared with the conventional combined pre-treatment process. The findings indicate conservation of energy by 50% and that of water and process time by 30%. The whiteness index is also found to be higher than conventional combined pre-treatment process. Thus, the modified process fulfils the requirements of ecofriendly concept.


Cotton fabric; Combined pre-treatment; Potassium persulphate; Sodium perborate; Whiteness index

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