Properties of jute-cotton union fabrics through wet processing treatments: Part II-Double cloth structures with jute weft in subdued form

Koranne, Milind ; Chattopadhyay, D P; Jaiswal, Hiren


In this study, self stitched double cloth and weft wadded self stitched double cloth woven fabrics with cotton warp and jute weft have been prepared in such a way that the appearance of jute weft is subdued on fabric surface. These fabrics are subjected to four kinds of wet processing treatments to suppress harshness and prickliness of jute component and to enhance fabric properties. Improvement in fabric properties has been determined through objective evaluation. Fabric handle of jute-cotton union double cloth fabric is improved by all the four treatments. Bending length is reduced for a particular weave with particular treatments only. Fabric tensile strength is reduced by all the four treatments.


Fabric handle;Fabric harshness;Jute-cotton union fabric;Prickliness;Wet processing

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