Predictive algorithm for run-in value of warp knitting based on weave matrix

Zhang, Jisheng ; Jiang, Gaoming ; Cong, Honglian ; Ma, Pibo ; Wu, Zhiming


To predict the run-in values of single-needle-bar warp-knitted fabrics, three-dimensional weave matrixes have been established by considering main parameters of shogging movement, take-up density and total bar number. Length of a stitch has been deduced from the parameters in weave matrixes, and a new predictive algorithm model is developed. Moreover, to validate the accuracy of the proposed predictive algorithm, 30 samples with different parameters are knitted on HKS4-EL warp-knitting machine, and the predicted run-in values and measured run-in values of the samples are compared. It can be deduced from the comparison that the predictive algorithm model can provide high prediction accuracy with a relative error of < 4.26%.


Run-in values;Predictive model;Shogging movement;Warp-knitted fabric;Weave matrix

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