Tube dwelling gastropod an indicator of coral reef status at the tropical reef of Palk Bay region, southeast coast of India

Adhavan, D ; Prakash, S ; Amit Kumar


Porites coral colonies at Olaikuda reef, Palk Bay region were observed with pink spot and covered with mucus. Close examination of these spots revealed the presence of polychaete tubeworm and vermitid snail. The polychaete worm made aberrant growth with pink spot and this would change the growth pattern or morphology of coral colonies. In addition to that, mucus produced by vermetid snail stressed the corals in the Palk Bay region by covering the corals with their sediment trapped mucus. This is the first report of stresses imposed by coral associates on coral colonies from the Indian waters. The presence of tube dwelling vermetid snail, the stressor factors could be an indication to understand the health status of coral reefs.


Coral associates, Coral stress, Olaikuda, Palk bay, Pink spot, Vermetid

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