The biology of a newly discovered sardine: Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Amblygaster indiana Mary, Balasubramanian, Selvaraju & Shiny, 2017 from the South-west coast of India

Teena Jayakumar, T K ; Lal, K K ; Murali, S ; Mary, A A ; Ajith Kumar, T T ; Mishra, A ; Singh, M


Length-weight relationship (LWR) was estimated for Amblygaster indiana from Eraviputhenthurai, south-west coast of India. The fish samples were collected from March 2018 to February 2019 from the fish landing centres and fish markets of Eraviputhenthurai, Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. Altogether, 82 specimens were collected from gill nets and shore seines during the period. The value of parameter b in the equation of LWR was estimated to be 3.36 and provides the first estimate of LWR for A. indiana. The value of the condition factor K (1.15) and relative condition factor Kn (1.003) in the present study indicates that the fish is in good condition in terms of health, growth, physical, and biological environmental conditions and there seems to be no adverse factor for A. indiana in its current habitat. The current study is also one of the first documented reports on the biological aspects of A. indiana and will be helpful for future research, conservation and sustainable management of the species.


Allometric growth, Amblygaster indiana, Condition factor, Growth parameter, Length-weight relationship

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