Synthesis, characterization, biological and catalytic activity of carboxymethyl chitosan schiff base metal complexes

Suresh, R ; Deepa, M ; Sudha, P N ; Gomathi, T ; Pavithra, S ; Moganavally, P


The Schiff base of carboxymethyl chitosan/p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (CMC-SB), as well as its complexes with cobalt (CMC-SB-Co), nickel (CMC-SB-Ni), and zinc (CMC-SB-Zn), were synthesised and studied using FTIR, XRD, TGA, DSC, and SEM. Schiff base metal complex production has been verified by the FTIR and XRD data. According to the thermal studies, the CMC-SB Zinc combination has better thermal stability than other complexes. The material is porous and rough, and the SEM results show that it has several potential uses in the biological field. The zinc complexes have increased activity when it comes to catalysis. It has been determined by the MTT test and ALP activity that the synthesised sample is non-toxic, compatible, and has good antioxidant activity.


Carboxymethyl chitosan, Schiff base, Catalytic activity

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