A study on the evolution of coastal geomorphology between Rameshwaram
and Kilakkarai, east coast of India

Kongeswaran, T ; Karikalan, R


This research focuses on coastal geomorphology change analysis using remote sensing and GIS (Geographical Information System) which is sturdily correlated with ecological, environmental, social, and socio-economic significance to coastal mechanism. These significances are differing apparently and will help understanding the probable responses for the varying boundary conditions because of anthropogenic interventions in climatic changes. The applications of hazard studies are integrated to coastal zone management plan and cannot be omitted. The present study estimates the changes in coastal geomorphological features along the study area due to natural causes from 2007 to 2017. The geomorphological maps were generated by follow-on map products and were displayed using ArcGIS 10.2 software. Multi-temporal satellite data of Landsat ETM (Enhanced Thematic Mapper) 2007 and 2017 images were used for generating coastal geomorphology maps.


ArcGIS 10.2, Change detection, Coastal Geomorphology, Evolution, Landsat ETM

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