Report on the occurrence of Margaretha’s Goatfish, Upeneus margarethae Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 (Perciformes: Mullidae) from Gulf of Mannar

Kathirvelpandian, A ; Sheena, J ; Teena Jayakumar, T K; Ajith Kumar, T T; Lal, K K


A single specimen of Goatfish with the standard length of 88.43 mm was collected from the Gulf of Mannar, Southeast coast of India on 28.12.2018. The specimen was confirmed as Upeneus margarethae Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010, based on the morphometric and partial mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase sub-unit I gene analysis. The presence of the species suggests the extended distributional range of U. margarethae in Gulf of Mannar (GoM), Southeast coast of India. Morphomeristic characters of the present specimen are being compared with the earlier records of the species.


Goatfish, Gulf of Mannar, Mitochondrial COI gene, Upeneus margarethae

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