An updated checklist of polychaetes (Animalia, Annelida, Polychaeta) from Odisha and West Bengal coasts

Balakrishnan, S ; Tudu, P C


The present checklist of polychaetes from the Odisha and West Bengal coasts was reviewed based on the recent surveys and published literature. Total 179 species belonging to 119 genera were found to be mixed with valid names and hence a revised checklist is prepared. The revised and updated checklist holds 179 species of eight orders of polychaete fauna comprising of Polyllodocida (47 %), Eunicida (14 %), Spionida (11 %), Sabellida (9 %), Terebellida (8 %), Captillida (7 %), Amphinomida (3 %) and Scoleisida (1 %) placed under 36 families. The current literature includes checklists and distributional records of phylum Annelida from Odisha and West Bengal, subsequent validation of species names arranged alphabetically, providing a valid scientific name, synonyms, and authorities of the species, and also the date of published records with the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) and World Polychaeta database.


Benthos, Coastal ecosystem, Intertidal, Revisionary studies, Taxonomy

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