Geotechnical behaviour of the carbonate sand-granulated tire mixture

Shariatmadari, Nader ; Norouzi, Mohsen ; Javadi, Armin Saeedi ; Alizadeh, Mehrdad


Carbonate sand-tire mixture is used in this research as a soil improvement method to address the environmental problems regarding the accumulation of scrap tires in coastal areas. The stress-strain behaviour, internal friction angle, and the particle breakage of the carbonate sand-tire mixture are studied, and the results are compared to that of pure carbonate sand. The results revealed that the addition of the granulated tires to the carbonate sand changed its behaviour. The addition of granulated tires resulted in a decrease of both the friction angle and the quantity of particle breakage.


Breakage index; Carbonate sand; Direct shear test; Sand-tire mixture; Scrap tire

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