Vol 50, No 10 (2021)

Table of Contents

Research papers

Changes in the expression level of the genes involved in the innate and adaptive immunity of divers

Siami, E ; Mohammadi, R ; Zarrinpour, V 771-778

Epiphytic effects of Licmophora paradoxa on pigments of Pyropia yezoensis

Khan, T U ; Du, G ; Khan, S ; Che, S ; Ahmed, A ; Khurshid, A 779-786

Culture of snubnose pompano, Trachinotus blochii (Lacepede, 1801) in indigenous re-circulatory aquaculture system using low cost fishmeal-based diet

Linga Prabu, D ; Ebeneezar, S ; Chandrasekar, S ; Anikuttan, K K ; Sayooj, P ; Vijayagopal, P 787-794

On captive breeding, spawning, embryonic and larval development in Horse conch, Pleuroploca trapezium (Linnaeus, 1758) from Southeast coast of India

Jagadis, I ; Kavitha, M ; Linga Prabu, D ; Padmanathan, J 795-801

Reproductive biology of rock oyster, Saccostrea cucullata (Born, 1778) along Aare-Ware rocky shore of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Pakhmode, P K ; Mohite, S A ; Takar, S ; Gurjar, U R 802-809

A temporal approach for morphological indices of the common sole (Solea solea Linnaeus 1758) from the coast of the Aegean Sea, Turkey

Gürkan, Ş ; Taskavak, E ; Engin, S ; Taylan, B 810-818

Paleothermometric fluctuations and ornamentation pattern of Ostracoda species from a short core, off Ongole, Bay of Bengal, South-east Indian coast

Nazeer, M N ; Hussain, S M ; Krishna, V M ; Nishath, N M ; Sunitha, D 819-824

Current status and formational mechanisms of coastal erosion on typical islands in China

Gao, W ; Li, P ; Liu, J ; Xu, Y Q ; Liu, L J 825-837

Short communications

Determination of the proximate composition of most sought-after crab species from Devi estuary, Odisha, India

Mohanty, B ; Jena, S R ; Nayak, J ; Swain, A ; Rout, S S ; Dash, B ; Raut, D 838-841

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS)