In vitro antioxidant and in vivo prophylactic effects of heptyl 3-(2-formylphenyl) propanoate isolated from Delonix elata L. against hepatoxicity in CCl4 intoxicated rats

Krishnappa, Pradeepa ; Venkatarangaiah, Krishna ; Venkatesh; Shimoga Rajanna, Santosh Kumar


Delonix elata L. (Family Caesalpiniaceae) has been used in the folklore medicines in Karnataka, India to cure liver and rheumatic problems. Bioassay guided fractionation of the chloroform leaf extract of D. elata has resulted in the isolation of heptyl 3-(2-formylphenyl) propanoate (HFP). The prophylactic activity of leaf chloroform extract (DLC) and the isolated constituent were evaluated against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. The treatment with DLC and HFP with concomitant CCl4 intraperitoneal injection significantly reduced the elevated plasma levels of AST, ALT, ALP, triglycerides, and cholesterol compared with the CCl4 injected group. DLC and HFP showed significant prophylactic effect on activities of SOD, CAT, GPx, GST, and also significantly inhibited the elevated levels of MDA in liver homogenates. Results obtained in biochemical assays were well supported by histological observations. The results revealed that the hepatoprotective activity of DLC and HFP is significant and on par with the standard drug silymarin. To clarify the influence of the DLC and HFP on the protection of oxidative-hepatic damage, in vitro antioxidant properties were examined. Free radical scavenging activity was exhibited by both, the extract and the constituent. The results suggest that the DLC and HFP could protect the hepatocytes from CCl4-induced liver damage perhaps, by their anti-oxidative effect on hepatocytes.


Antioxidant activity, Delonix elata, Hepatoprotective activity, Heptyl 3-(2-formylphenyl) propanoate

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