A note on distribution, ethnobotany and economic potential of Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f . & Thoms. in North-eastern India

Semwal, D P; Bhatt, K C; Bhandari, D C; Panwar, N S


Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thoms., one of the high oil yielding Cucurbitaceous species, is traditionally used as food and medicine by several tribal communities inhabiting North-eastern hill (NEH) region of India. These communities comprise a large part of population of this region and still maintain traditional knowledge associated with the local floristic wealth. This species is a promising candidate for commercial exploitation as oil, food and medicinal crop.


Hodgsonia heteroclita, Cucurbitaceae, Traditional knowledge, High oil yielding species, Economic plant, North-eastern hill region.

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