Nutritional composition and value added products of Chinese ber (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) growing in Northern hill regions of India

Sharma, Rakesh ; Rana, J C


Present study was undertaken for assessing nutritional composition and developing different value added products from Chinese ber (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) growing in Northern hill regions of India. Fresh fruits and processed products were analyzed for various physico-chemical, nutritional, and sensory characteristics. Fresh fruits contained 76.15-80.50 % moisture, 8.50-9.60 oB total soluble solids, 0.30-0.44 % acidity (as malic acid), and 6.80-7.20 % total sugar contents. The fruits were found to be rich in ascorbic acid (88.25-98.0 mg/100 g) and phenolic compounds (350.32-425.50 mg/100 g). Among processed products, candied ber contained highest total solids (89.10 %) compared to other products. Titratable acidity was maximum (2.15 %) in pickle and minimum (0.82 %) was in osmotically dried ber. Both osmotically dried and preserve ber had maximum ascorbic acid (30.15-32.50 mg/100 g). Organoleptic properties showed good score for all the products. However, highest score for taste (8.46) and flavor (8.20) was obtained by osmotically dehydrated ber and it was rated ‘liked very much’ by the panelists compared to other products.


Chinese ber, Nutraceutical properties, Osmotic dehydration, Ziziphus jujuba Mill

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