Evaluation of Shaddharana churna: An Ayurvedic formulation

Dhamankar, Rucha S; Jadhav, Aruna P


Shaddharana churna is a well-known Ayurvedic formulation that finds its reference in renowned Ayurvedic treaties such as Ashtangasangraham and Ashtanghridaya. As the name suggests Shaddharana churna is composed of equal parts of six drugs namely Katuka, Daruharidra, Ativisha, Chitraka, Patha, and Indravaya. Evaluation of Ayurvedic formulations is necessary to ensure their quality, strength, purity, and authenticity. Present work deals with microscopic, physico-chemical, qualitative, and quantitative evaluation of Shaddharana churna. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation was done by development and validation of high performance thin layer chromatography using berberine from Daruharidra, apocynin from Katuka and plumbagin from Chitraka as marker compounds. The outcomes of the research conform to the need of ensuring quality and safety of Ayurvedic medicines.


Apocynin, Berberine, HPTLC, Plumbagin, Shaddharana churna.

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