Phytochemical profiling and effect of Andrographis echioides (L.) Nees leaf extract on glucose uptake by 3T3-L1 cell lines – An in vitro study

Sivalingam, Sindhu ; Kandhasamy, Sivakumar ; Vijayan, Karthikeyan ; Perumal, Arumugam


The human population worldwide appears to be in the midst of an epidemic of diabetes, a metabolic disorder characterised by problems in carbohydrate metabolism. The existing synthetic drugs have several limitations such as, diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy. Thus, in spite of remarkable progress in the treatment of diabetes by oral hypoglycemic agents, search for newer drugs continues. Hence, in the present study, Andrographis echioides (L.) Nees was examined for its in vitro antidiabetic efficacy by amylase inhibition and glucose uptake by 3T3 cell lines assays. In addition, the bioactive components were analysed by GC-MS technique. The data obtained suggests that methanol extract of A. echioides was effective in enhancing glucose uptake by the 3T3 cell lines in vitro. The GC-MS profile revealed the presence of 5-ethyl-2-imino thiazolidin-4-one recorded at 15.95min. Literature survey has proved that thiazolidin-4-one derivatives have important biological activities and thus, the antidiabetic potential of A. echioides can be related to its presence. Further mechanistic studies could be taken up to prove the effect in vivo.


Amylase inhibition, Andrographis echioides (L.) Nees, Glucose uptake, GC-MS, 3T3 cell line.

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