K2Fe(SCN)6 from Crassocephalum crepridioides (Benth.) Moore. with X-ray florescence spectrometry and X-ray powder diffractometry

Wangkheirakapam, Sujata D; Laitonjam, Warjeet S


Crassocephalum crepridioides (Benth.) Moore. known as Terapaibi in Manipur, India has been investigated for its minerals, trace minerals, and compounds in dried form and in water extract. The elemental analysis was carried out with X-ray florescence spectrometry and the confirmation of compounds isolated was done with X-ray powder diffractometry. The analysis showed the presence of K, Ca, Fe, Cl, S, P, Si, Mg, Na, and K2Fe(SCN)6. The presence of elements potassium, iron, calcium in C. crepridioides correlates to its traditional medicinal use as herbal hemostat, control for hypertension, and immune enhancer in Manipur.


Crassocephalum crepridioides, Cystic fibrosis, K2Fe(SCN)6, Trace elements, X-ray powder diffractometry

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