Larvicidal and knockdown activity of Citrus limetta Risso oil against dengue virus vector

Rao, S Prakash; Jain, Parag ; Rathore, Premlata ; Singh, Vijay Kumar


The aim of the present study was to evaluate larvicidal and knockdown effects of Citrus limetta Risso (CL) against dengue virus vector. The study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of CL fixed oil against larvae and mosquitoes of Aedes species. CL fixed oil was obtained from the fresh CL seeds using solvent n-hexane. Three different concentrations of CL oil i.e. 7.5, 10, and 15 % were employed to explore the bioefficacy of fixed oil. O-tetramethyl O,-thiodi-p-phenylene bis-phosphorothioate (Temephos) and N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET)were employed as standard for larvicidal and knockdown activities, respectively. CL oil was found to be effective against mosquitoes and larvae. The 15 % CL oil exhibited highest percentage of mortality equal to 82.20 % of the mosquito larvae and 70.00 % knockdown. Prevention is better than cure, so, the mosquito knockdown and larvicidal action of CL oil may be an effective step to prevent dengue virus transmission. Commercial utility by including CL oil in herbal formulations to prevent dengue virus infection needs to be explored.


Citrus limetta Risso, Dengue, Larvicidal effect, Mosquito knockdown, Peet grady chamber.

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