Traditional method of preparation and development of quality standards for an edible vegetable fat Malabar tallow (Vateria indica L. seed butter)

Rajmohan; V, Suma Mallya ; Faisal, Mohammed ; KN, Sunil Kumar ; B, Ravishankar


Dhupa fat or Malabar tallow is an edible fat extracted out of Vateria indica L. seed and is a traditional source of edible fat in the household of Malabar region. This investigation is an attempt to record macro-microscopic features of V. indica L. fruits along with physico-chemical characterization of seed and butter. The methodology of traditional extraction, analytical standardization and chemical fingerprints of the seed butter have been documented following standard procedure. Fragments of xylem, oil cells, sclerenchyma fibres are features of powder microscopy. Glycosides and coumarins were said to be main secondary metabolites detected out of the test drug. Analytical specifications of V. indica L. butter has shown saponification value and iodine value as 112.43 and 8.82 respectively. HPTLC photo documentation of chloroform and ethanolic extract of test drug given 1 and seven spots at 366 nm respectively. Thus current study derives prime scientific data on V. indica fruit, seed butter and their chemical nature.


Dhupa; Edible vegetable fat; Natural product resource; Pharmacognosy; Standardization

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