Arboreal ethnoflora of Western Madhya Pradesh India

Wagh, Vijay Vishnu; Jain, Ashok K.


The present study was aimed to document the ethnobotanical information on medicinal and useful tree species in Jhabua district of western Madhya Pradesh India. An ethnobotanical surveys were conducted in Jhabua district from 2008-2013. Data were collected by interview and semi-structured questionnaire from selected local informants and traditional practitioners. Present study documented the ethnobotanical uses of 169 tree species belonging to 127 genera and 43 families curing 45 types of ailments and 71 miscellaneous uses. Leguminosae was the dominant family representing 31 species. It has been noticed that leaf is the most favoured plant parts followed by stem bark for curing various diseases. The highest number of species is used for curing skin disease (25 species) and joint disease (24 species). Most of the tree species recorded in the present study grow wild (79 species) in the study area. Some tree species seem to be vulnerable due to overexploitation and deforestation.


Arboreal flora; Conservation; Ethnobotany; Jhabua district; Madhya Pradesh.

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