Swelling power and WSI of modified Bangka sago starch

Syafutri, Merynda Indriyani; Pratama, Filli ; Malahayati, Nura ; Hamzah, Basuni


This study used factorial completely randomized design, which used two factors. The first factor was autoclaving time (15 and 30 minutes) and the second factor was a number of cycles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 cycles). Each combination of the factors was repeated three times. Statistical analysis showed that autoclaving time had a significant effect on water soluble index, whereas number of cycles had significant effects on swelling power and water soluble index. Modified Bangka sago starch that was treated for 15 minutes on autoclaving time had higher swelling power and water soluble index values than Bangka sago starch that treated with 30 minutes on autoclaving time. The result showed that increasing number of autoclaving-cooling cycle caused decreasing of swelling power and water soluble index values.


Autoclaving; Bangka sago starch; Heat moisture treatment; Modified; Swelling power; Water soluble index

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