Cytotoxic effect of methanolic extracts and partially purified fractions of some medicinal plants used in traditional medication

Badgujar, Nutan Vinay; Mistry, Kinnari N; Rank, Dharamshibhai N; Joshi, Chaitanya G


In this study, the cytotoxic activity of methanolic extracts different parts of seven plant species was checked on NRK-52E (Rat renal proximal tubular cells) using MTT assay. Based on their cytotoxic activities, methanol extract of Vitex negundo (V. negundo) was selected and their partition in hexane, chloroform, ethylacetate, butanol and water was done. Among all fractions, chloroform fraction was most active on NRK-52E cells as determined by MTT assay. In NRK-52E cells induction of apoptosis was checked by analyzing DNA fragmentation by agarose gel electrophoresis. To study the molecular mechanism of apoptosis, expression levels of different genes BCL-2, BCL-Xl, SOD, TGF, Foxo and BAX were assessed using quantitative real-time PCR. Chloroform fraction of Vitex negundo (VnCE) was found to be highly antiproliferative and also showed DNA fragmentation in NRK-52E cells. VnCE showed up regulation of BCL-2, BCL-Xl, SOD, Foxo and BAX genes and down regulation of TGF gene.

Cytotoxic activity, Apoptosis, DNA fragmentation assay, MTT assay, Real time PCR assay


Apoptosis; Cytotoxic activity; DNA fragmentation assay; MTT assay; Real-time PCR assay.

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