Pharmacological screening of aqueous extract of Sesbania grandiflora for anti-glaucomic activity in Rabbits

Lakshmi, S.V.V.N.S.M. ; Reddy, A. Siva Mallikarjuna; Vidya, S.


The present work was designed to investigate the antiglaucoma activity of Sesbania grandiflora (SG) aqueous leaf extract against alpha chymotrypsin induced experimental glaucoma in rabbits. The experimental increase in IOP was achieved using alpha chymotrypsin induced glaucoma model. Once the IOP was increased significantly, aqueous leaf extract of SG and standard were given topically every day into the right eye of rabbits. IOP was measured by Schiotz indentation tonometer on every alternate day till a significant reduction of IOP was observed. The results were compared with standard 0.1% brinzolamide. A significant increase in IOP was observed on the 7th day after inducing glaucoma. Significant reduction of IOP was observed on the 6th day after giving plant extract when compared with the standard. The results show that the leaf extract showed significant occulohypotensive activity and this effect was comparable to the standard brinzolamide. Further investigation into the mechanism of action and isolation of compounds which are responsible for antiglaucoma activity is to be established.


Alphachymotrypsin; Brinzolamide; Intraocular pressure (IOP); Schiotz tonometer.

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