Pharmacognostical, phytochemical investigations and HPTLC fingerprinting of Pentapetes phoenicea L. leaves

Sharma, Nisha ; Gupta, Prakash Chandra; Singh, Anju ; Rao, Ch. V


Pentapetes phoenicea L., commonly known as Dopa-hariya in Hindi, is used traditionally in the treatment of many diseases by different system of primitive medicine. The decoction of capsule is used as an emollient. The roots are said to be astringent and used as antibilious, antiphlegmonous, alleviates wind and fever, constipation diarrhoea, burning sensation, psychopathy, vitiated conditions of vata and pitta. Leaves boiled in water and juice of the leaves has been used traditionally for treatment of glandular inflammation, cold and cough. The fruits are mucilaginous and used in gastropathy, fever and vitiated conditions of vata and pitta. The plant has not been explored scientifically for its pharmacological or for pharmacognostical details. Therefore, the study of morpho-anatomical characters and physicochemical analysis of P. phoenicea was undertaken to establish the pharmacognostic and phytochemical details about the plant. Morpho-anatomical studies of leaf showed the presence of simple leaf, length 4 to 10 cm, linear to oblong in shape and anisocytic stomata, thin walled parenchymatous cells, scattered, sclerenchymatous vascular bundles as some of the diagnostic features in T.S. of leaf. Physicochemical standardization of leaf showed the presence of 0.1% foreign matter, 10.2% loss on drying, 25.83% total ash, 12.35% alcohol and 21.26% water soluble extractives. Preliminary phytochemical screening of leaf extract confirmed the presence of tannins, flavonoids, saponins, sterol,carbohydrate and traces of alkaloids. HPTLC of hydro-alcoholic extract of plant leaves tried with solvent system chloroform and methanol (9:1) confirmed the presence of 07 spots with different Rf value under U.V. light 366λ. The results obtained from preliminary evaluation on the plant can be utilized as a basis for anatomical identification and preparation of monograph of the plant.


Pentapetes phoenicea, Sterculiaceae, Morpho-anatomy, Transverse section, Physicochemical, Quantitative microscopy.

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