Ethnomacrofungal study of some wild macrofungi used by local peoples of Gorakhpur district, Uttar Pradesh

Vishwakarma, Pratima ; Tripathi, N N


Gorakhpur district having varied environmental condition is sanctioned with wealth of many important macrofungi but only few works has been done here to explore the diversity. The present investigation focus on the ethnomacrofungal study  of Gorakhpur district. From information obtained it became clear that many macrofungi are widely consumed here by local and tribal peoples as food and medicines. Species of Daldinia, Macrolepiota, Pleurotus, Termitomyces, etc. are used to treat various ailments. Thus the present study clearly states that Gorakhpur district is reservoir of macrofungi having nutritional and medicinal benefits.


Bhar; Bhuj; Kewat; Local villagers; Macrofungi; Tharu.

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