Effect of Solanum torvum Swartz on diabetic neuropathy in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

Mohan, Mahalaxmi ; Belapurkar, Pooja ; More, Sonal ; Patil, Gaurav


Solanum torvum Swartz is a well-known traditional herbal medicinal plant used in diabetes and diabetes-related complications. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of S. torvum on diabetic neuropathy in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in Wistar rats by using a single intraperitoneal injection of alloxan monohydrate (150 mg/kg; i.p.). After confirmation of diabetes, rats received metformin (120 mg/kg, p.o.) and STME (30 and 100 mg/kg, p.o) for 5 weeks. Diabetic rats showed significant (P <0.05) behavioural changes, increase in blood glucose levels, decrease in relative organ weight of pancreas, significant (P <0.05) decrease in reduced glutathione (RGSH) and significant (P <0.05) increase in TBARS levels. While STME (100 mg/kg) treated diabetic rats significantly (P <0.05) reversed the above parameters as compared to diabetic rats. Treatment with STME (100 mg/kg) has also reversed histopathological changes as observed in diabetic control rats. The study suggests that methanolic extract of S. torvum ameliorates diabetic neuropathy in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.


Alloxan monohydrate; Diabetic neuropathy; Metformin; Solanum torvum

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