A screening to determine total phenol and flavonoid content of some Iran’s medicinal plants grown in Chaharmahal va Bakhtyari province

Asadi-Samani, Majid ; Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud ; Lorigooini, Zahra ; Shirzad, Hedayatollah


The study of phytochemical compounds of plants grown in different regions can reveal their biological potentials for the identification and discovery of effective drugs. This study was conducted to investigate the total phenolic and flavonoid content of twenty Iranian medicinal plants. The plants were gathered from Chaharmahal va Bakhtyari and their aerial parts were used for extraction by maceration using ethanol 70 %. To determine total phenolic and flavonoid content of the extracts, the Folin-Ciocalteu method and the aluminum chloride colorimetric method were used respectively. Stachys inflate and Euphorbia szovitsii Fisch. & C.A. Mey. with 87.458 and 72.9644 mg GAE/g had the highest total phenolic content. Also, Urtica dioica (81.4945 mg RUT/g) and Satureja bachtiarica (41.5445 mg GAE /g) had the highest flavonoid content among the investigated plants. According to the result, all plants have different values of phenolic compounds. However, S. inflate, E. szovitsii, U. dioica and S. bachtiarica due to high values of phenolic and flavonoid contents can be considered as a potent resource of natural products for discovering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Anti-inflammatory; Antioxidant; Flavonoid; Traditional medicine; Phenolic compounds.

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