Screening and characterization of extracellular cellulase enzyme produced by wild edible mushroom Pleurotus giganteus

Debnath, Gopal ; Das, Panna ; Saha, Ajay Krishna


Cellulase is a class of enzyme that has great industrial importance. Cellulase catalyzes the hydrolysis of 1, 4 β-D glycosidic linkages in cellulose are mainly produced from a wide variety of microorganisms like fungi, bacteria and protozoan. The present study aimed at the screening and production of extracellular cellulase enzyme produced by a wild edible mushroom Pleurotus giganteus. Different physical and chemical parameters such as temperature, pH, substrate concentration and reaction time on cellulase activity were also studied. The clear yellowish zone around mycelial plug revealed that screening of extracellular cellulase activity of P. giganteus was positive. Cellulase production by using the mushroom was highest after 6 days of the incubation period. Extracellular cellulase activity was maximum at 50 oC temperature, pH 5, 1.4% of substrate concentration (Carboxy-methylcellulose) and 30 minutes of reaction time. The present investigation revealed that wild edible mushroom P. giganteus may be utilized as a source for the production of industrial cellulase.


Cellulase; Pleurotus giganteus; pH; Reaction time; Screening; Substrate concentration; Temperature.

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