Anti-inflammatory studies on Acalypha indica L. leaves by membrane stabilization

Muzammil, M Syed ; Manikandan, M ; Jafar, A ; Sakthivel, P ; Geetha, S ; Malarkodi, R


The study was designed to evaluate the phytochemical screening and anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of Acalypha indica L.leaves in HRBC membrane stabilization. The methanolic extract showed significant inhibition by using Diclofenac sodium as a standard drug at doses of 125, 250, 500 and 1000mg/mL and showed a dose dependent inhibition hemolysis of erythrocyte induced by hypotonic solution.


Acalypha indica, Anti-inflammatory, AIME, Methanolic Extract, Diclofenac Sodium Drug, HRBC membrane stabilization.

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