Pharmacognostic studies on seed of Datura ferox L.

Padma Rao, P ; Subramanian, P ; Sudhakar, P ; Reddy, P R


Datura ferox L. is an erect annual herb belonging to the family Solanaceae. Its seeds are useful in the treatment of delirium and mania. Present paper includes powder microscopic and organoleptic characters of the seeds. The physico-chemical parameters of raw drug, viz. extractive values, ash values, formulation, besides wt. per mL, total solids, alcohol content along with HPTLC finger printing and UV studies were undertaken on mother tincture for the first time.


Datura ferox L., Pharmacognosy, Physico–chemical, Malphigian cells, HPTLC, Homoeopathy.

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