Documentation of ethnomedicinal knowledge among the tribes of Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Central India

Tiwari, Arjun Prasad; Sikarwar, R L S ; Dubey, P C


The paper provided ethnomedicinal uses of 33 plant species belonging to 33 genera and 26 families used by the tribal communities of Achanakmar- Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve (AABR), Central India. These plants are mostly used to cure seminal weakness, jaundice, antidote, kidney stones, skin disease, liver and spleen enlargements, etc. Part of the plant used, dosage, mode of drug preparation and administration in different ailments and diseases are described. Ethnomedicinal survey was conducted in the remote villages of AABR during the period 2007-2010. The plants species have been arranged alphabetically with their family, local name and ethnomedicinal uses.


Ethnomedicinal knowledge, Tribal communities, Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Central India.

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