Physiological and biochemical changes in longan fruit (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) cultivated in Vietnam during growth and ripening

Trong, Le Van; Khanh, Nguyen Nhu; Lam, Le Thi


This paper presents research results on some physiological (pigments content) and biochemical indicators (reducing sugar content, starch, total organic acid, vitamin C, α-amylase enzyme, catalase enzyme, peroxidase enzyme) of longan fruit grown in Vietnam during growth and ripening, thereby determining the physiological ripening time of the fruit (the most appropriate time for fruit harvest). The results showed that significant changes occurred in pigments content, reducing sugar content, starch, total organic acid, vitamin C, protein, lipid, α-amylase enzyme, catalase enzyme, and peroxidase enzyme of longan from formation to fruit ripening. Through the research process, it was observed that the longan achieved the best quality to harvest when fruits were 19 weeks old. The results of this study provide important data for the harvesting and storage of longan fruit.


Biochemical indicators; Dimocarpus longan Lour.;  Longan fruit; Physiological indicators; Ripening.

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