Use of natural substitutes as an intracanal medicament in the endodontics-An update for in vivo studies

Kishan, Karkala Venkappa; Shah, Nimisha ; Naveen, Mamatha


The success of root canal treatment depends on the elimination of bacteria by chemo-mechanical instrumentation and use of various irrigants to remove or dissolve organic and inorganic debris.The intracanal medicament also has an important role in the outcome of root canal treatment. With the rise in bacterial resistance to antibiotics, there is considerable interest in the development of other classes of antimicrobials for the control of infection. Use of Herbal intracanal medicament has been shown promising results when used under in vitro conditions, but very limited clinical trials reported due to the ethical concern. Hence, this review highlights the current guidelines (laid by the drugs and cosmetics act as per the Gazette of India) regarding the use of herbal medicaments for the clinical trials in Endodontics.


Endodontics; Guidelines; Herbal products; Intracanal medicaments

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