Evaluation of antibacterial activity and identification of bioactive metabolites by GCMS technique from Rhizospheric Actinomycetes

KUMARI, NALINEE ; Menghani, Ekta


Since thousands of years, plants are used as a source for medicine as they are established to possess a reservoir of bioactive compounds. Plants have been considered a great natural source of medicinal properties and can be used as either in the form of a pure bioactive compound or as traditional preparations. Plants and soil micro-organisms both have been considered as a precursor of therapeutically helpful metabolites because of their natural production of various bioactive secondary metabolites. Evolving drug resistance these days increase the need to isolate new drugs for the treatment of many diseases caused by multidrug-resistant organisms. To combat these multidrug-resistant pathogens, studies were carried out to isolate antibiotic compounds from actinomycetes. In the present study, a total of 65 isolates were isolated from rhizospheric actinomycetes. Isolation, characterization and biochemical tests of actinomycetes were carried out and subjected to fermentation and solvent extraction by four solvents as- benzene, pet ether, ethyl acetate, and chloroform of AIA26 isolate. After extraction crude obtained was checked for their antimicrobial activity on Mueller Hinton agar (MHA) media against five indicator organisms but, activity was recorded against S. aureus and P. aeruginosa, and no activity was obtained against P. vulgaris, K. pneumonia, and B. subtilis. By the help of GCMS technique, major compounds present have been identified in AIA26 isolate.


Actinomycetes; Antimicrobial activity; Bioactive metabolites; GCMS.

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