Tea tree and jojoba oils enriched bigel loaded with isotretinoin for effective management of acne

Kanoujia, Jovita ; Nikita; Parashar, Poonam ; Singh, Neelu ; Saraf, Shubhini A


The study is aimed at the preparation of isotretinoin (ITR) loaded bigel for acne therapy. Bigels were enriched with tea tree and jojoba oils known to bestowed soothing properties. Bigels were evaluated for the physiochemical parameters viz. pH, viscosity, etc, in vitro release, and ex vivo permeation. The results displayed enhanced retention and antimicrobial potential of optimized B2 gel when compared with plain gel and other formulations. Thus the bigel of isotretinoin could be a promising delivery system for the treatment of acne.


Acne; Bigel; Jojoba oil; Tea tree oil.

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