Ethno medicinal plants with anticonvulsant activity through GABAergic mechanism- A review

Jangra, Sachin ; Manjusha; Budhwar, Vikas


Humanity has used immemorial plants for their relieving and healing powers from era and we still depend on their healing properties. Plants with number of active constituents have a direct therapeutic impact on various body organs. Brain is one of major organ linked to various disorders, one of them is epilepsy. Owing to undesirable side effects, high expense and reduced effectiveness of conventional drugs, traditional plants are deemed appropriate for the treatment of epilepsy. The potential of natural products for the treatment of epilepsy can be an excellent alternative for the development of safe and effective anti-epileptic drugs. The present bibliographic review presents the data upto 2021. Plants were screened for citing the research work done for epilepsy, efficacy of plants along with their mechanism of action, plant profile, part used, dose, extract used, toxicity study and model used. Also isolated compounds have been compiled along with their structure. A total of 120 review and research articles of plants which revealed their effective therapeutic effects on epilepsy through GABAergic transmission belonging to families lamiaceae(11), fabaceae(5), zingiberaceae(3), moraceae(3), verbenaceae(3), and apiaceae(2). The data discussed might be useful in formulating new chemical entity for the treatment of epilepsy. The documentation of isolated compounds may provide new drug molecules for market with lesser cost and more efficacy.


Anticonvulsant; Epilepsy; GABA; Herbal medicine.

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