Isolation and identification of thermo stable multi catalytic Bacillus licheniformis strain V7 from Ganeshpuri hot spring

Girdhari, Sonali ; Pathak, Anupama P


An efficient extracellular multi enzyme producer strain was isolated from Ganeshpuri hot spring located near Vajreshwari in Thane district Maharashtra. It was identified by the cultural, biochemical, MALDI-TOF MS analysis and 16sRNA sequencing as strain of Bacillus licheniformis. It was isolated at the incubation temperature of ≥ 50ºC and showed luxuriant growth and enzyme production ability in the similar temperature range. The multi enzyme producer strain was checked for amylase, mannanase, pectinase, lipase, and cellulase production ability. Its hydrolytic index was measured by taking the ratio of zone of substrate clearance to the colony size diameter. The observed hydrolytic index for cellulase was 5, for pectinase 2.75, for lipase 1.4 after incubation at 52°C for 72 h. Similarly observed hydrolytic index for mannanase was 2.8 and for amylase 3.5 after incubation at 52°C for 24 h. The study resulted in isolation of an efficient thermo stable multi enzyme producer strain of Bacillus licheniformis from Ganeshpuri hot water spring which encourages future studies to explore various whole cell and enzyme applications.


Ganeshpuri; Hot spring; Multi enzyme; Physiochemical analysis; Thermostable.

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