Comparative pharmacognostic study of leaves, stems, and roots of Urera baccifera (L.) Gaudich. ex Wedd.

Scull Lizama, Ramón ; Gutiérrez Gaitén, Yamilet Irene; Fuentes Marrero, María Dolores; Malagón Rodríguez, Silvia Bárbara; Felipe González, Alejandro


The quality control of drugs is necessary to guaranty the safety and efficacy of natural products. In this sense, the present investigation is led to compare the pharmacognostic parameters and preliminary phytochemical composition of the leaves, stems and roots of Urera baccifera, a medicinal plant with gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial activities. The morphological characteristics and physicochemical parameters were evaluated for three organs, according to well-established methods for vegetal drugs. In addition, phytochemical screening was made. In microscopical analysis, different types of crystals were observed in each organ. Also, the leaves showed the highest percentage of total ashes and soluble constituents. Water was the better extraction solvent. The micromorphological characteristics and physicochemical parameters were reported for the first time for this species. The hydroalcoholic extract of three organs showed the presence of lactones, triterpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, phenols and sugar reducing. Based on the results, the leaves are proposed for the development of future phyto drugs from U. baccifera, in contrast with the ethnomedical information, where the roots are used.


Leaves; Micromorphology; Quality parameters; Roots; Stems; Urera baccifera

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