Oxidant/antioxidant potentials and heavy metal levels of Pisolithus arhizus and its effects on cardiovascular diseases

Sevindik, Mustafa ; Ajaz, Mahvish ; Özdemir, Betül ; Akata, Ilgaz ; Selamoğlu, Zeliha


Pisolithus arhizus (Scop) Rauschert is a cosmopolitan mushroom in warm temperate regions of the world and forms ectomycorrhizas associations with a wide range of tree species (both angiosperms and gymnosperms). P. arhizus samples were collected from a pine forest in Antalya province (Turkey). Powdered mushroom samples were extracted with ethanol (EtOH) using a Soxhlet apparatus at 50 °C, then concentrated under pressure at 40 °C in a rotary evaporator, and stored at 4 °C in airtight containers. Rel Assay Kits were used to determine the total antioxidant status (TAS), total oxidant status (TOS), and oxidative stress index (OSI) of mushroom extracts. The elemental contents of the mushrooms were then determined using the atomic absorption spectrophotometer. It was determined that the heavy metal content in P. arhizus were found to be generally at optimal levels and the TOS value of mushroom was exceptional. Heavy metals are toxic, they may have chronic degenerative changes on organs. Vascular effects of heavy metals may contribute to a variety of pathologic conditions. Heavy metals resulting in pathophysiological changes causes atherogenic events like increased oxidative stress, inflammatory response, and coagulation activity. It has been determined that P. arhizus may be an important source of antioxidants.


Antioxidant; Heavy metal; Oxidant; Oxidative stress; Pisolithus arhizus.

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