Disease modifying activity of methanolic extract of Colchicum luteum against experimental gout in broiler chicken

Ali, Rayeesa ; Kamil, S A ; Mir, M S ; Shah, S A ; Wani, B M ; Adil, S ; Shafi, M


Colchicum luteum, a Himalayan herb has been found associated with immense pharmaceutical properties. The present study was aimed to study the protective effect of methanolic extract of C. luteum against the haemato-biochemical alterations due to sodium bicarbonate induced gout in broiler chicken. A total of 72 day old broiler chicks of average body weights 178±20.8 g were divided into 6 groups (I to VI, n=12). Group I served as vehicle-treated control and was given drinking water by oral gavage. Group II and III were given sodium bicarbonate @ 2.5 and 5% respectively in drinking water. Group IV and V were provided with 2.5 and 5% sodium bicarbonate along with C. luteum extract @ 50 mg/kg body weight respectively. Group VI served as treatment control and was given C. luteum extract @ 50 mg/kg body weight alone. Haematological and biochemical analysis revealed a significant increase in haematological parameters (Hb, PCV, TEC, TLC, and heterophil) and biochemical parameters (AST, ALT, uric acid, BUN, creatinine, total protein and albumin) in sodium bicarbonate intoxicated groups. All these parameters however, were comparatively reduced in the birds given C. luteum extract. Also, heterophil and monocyte counts were decreased significantly in group VI birds, supplemented with C. luteum extract only with no adverse effect on health of birds. The results from the present study establish the protective role of C. luteum extract against sodium bicarbonate induced haematological and biochemical alterations.


Biochemical analysis; Colchicum luteum; Gout; Haematology; Sodium bicarbonate.

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