Isolation and identification of few fatty acid esters from the aerial roots of Rhaphidophora aurea twined over different host trees

Ponnusamy, Arulpriya ; Pottail, Lalitha ; Chithambharan, Akhila


Plants are the store houses of various secondary metabolites and bio-essential natural products. Several therapeutic agents are isolated from Rhaphidophora aurea. The aerial roots of the mentioned plant twined over different trees were explored. Sequential extraction (Polar to non-polar solvents) was carried out for the aerial roots of Rhaphidophora aurea twined over different host trees. Each extract was subjected to solvent-solvent fractionation. Through Thin-layer chromatography and column chromatography, the fatty acid compounds were identified and isolated. The isolated compounds were characterized through recording UV, IR, GC-MS/MS (Thermo), and 1D and 2D NMR techniques. Six fatty acids viz. 4-oxo-tricosanoic acid icosyl ester, butyl octadecanoate, dodecanoic acid dodec-3-enyl ester, octacosa-23, 26-dien-12-one, ethyl cis-6-octadecenoate and 15,18- dotriacontadienoic acid and methyl ester was isolated and characterized by analytical characterization techniques.


Areca catechu; Azadirachta indica; Cocos nucifera; Fatty acid ester; Lawsonia inermis; Rhaphidophora aurea.

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