Evaluation of technology for low cost drying of banana slices

Vaidya, Devina ; Sharma, Ambika ; Abrol, Ghan Shyam; Sharma, Surabhi ; Vaidya, Manoj Kumar


Banana for table purpose is among the largest grown fruit in India. Ripe banana contains about 80 % moisture, hence susceptible to post harvest losses. Due to its bulky nature and rapid weight loss, it is very difficult to transport the fruits and long-term storage as such is not possible, thus drying it is one of the options for reducing post harvest losses. Thus, the present study was undertaken to standardize the best pretreatment for drying of bananas with better retention of quality characteristics. The pretreatments used were 0.2 % citric acid dip and blanching. These were then compared with control in which no treatment was given to the banana slices. Sensory analysis was conducted by the panelists for different parameters like colour, taste, texture and overall acceptability. However, colour retention was found better in both the treatments as compared to the control. Effect of drying on different parameters like moisture content, rehydration ratio and starch content were also analyzed. Drying of bananas slices in poly tunnels with these pretreatments has been found cost effective and an easy method to reduce the bulk of the crop and increase its shelf life.


Banana, Drying, Pretreatments, Solar drying, Low cost, Value addition

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