The effect of ingredients’ concentration on nanoemulsion particle size of eucalyptus essential oil

Ebrahimzadeh, Ailin ; Amani, Amir


This study aimed to determine the effect of different parameters affecting the particle size of eucalyptus-essential oil nanoemulsion using artificial neural networks. The formulation of nanomaterials used in this study included Tween 80 (as surfactant), ethanol (as co-surfactant), and eucalyptus essential oil (as internal phase), in water. To prepare the nanoemulsion, the mixtures were sonicated and the size of resulting nanoparticles were measured using dynamic light scattering (DLS). Then, the data were modelled using artificial neural networks. The results revealed that high Tween 80 concentration and low essential oil concentration had positive effects on reduction of particle size, while the change in ethanol concentration had no obvious impact on the size. The prepared nanoemulsions has the potential to be used in biomedical applications.


Artificial neural networks; Essential oil; Eucalyptus; Nanoemulsion; Particle size

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